Everyday Life in Salford Exhibition

SARF has been working with local residents in Salford to use photography and storytelling to reveal the ‘everyday’ experiences of participants, both in terms of the strengths they have which support them to get-by and also the challenges that they face. We have been looking at new ways of capturing the textures of everyday life and how this fits into wider patterns to be able to influence policy-change.

Group member Glyn Treharne said: “The project is about looking at the things that make you feel good about yourself, but also the things that are not so good that you would like to change. Sometimes you only look at the negatives and don’t see the positives, but by going out and taking these pictures it reminds you of what’s good about your life.”

Another group member Jane Fearns, said the project has helped transform her life; It’s made a big difference to my life. I was sat at home on my own 24/7 – that was my life. I now have a reason to get dressed and go out – now I have a social life within the group and I enjoy going.”

The Everyday Life in Salford photography project will be holding an exhibition at The Langworthy Cornerstone, 451 Liverpool Street, Salford, M6 5QQ from Saturday 10th October until Tuesday 27th October.

The project has also been nominated for a Salix Stars Award in the Shelagh Delaney Creativity Category

Everyday Life in Salford was supported through the Big Lottery Awards for All programme.

The book can be found here

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