The Social Action & Research Foundation (SARF)  aim to transform the social, cultural, economic and political landscape through supporting collaboration communities to use their experiences, knowledge and expertise to develop evidence and alternative approaches to social action and policy. In collaboration with partners, we aim to collectively influence and shape a more equitable society. We contribute to a wider public debate on poverty to open up space for inventive and alternative approaches.


SARF was established in February 2012 by the co-Directors Dan Silver and Amina Lone with the aim of creating a think-tank that approaches things differently – by working more meaningfully with marginalised communities to evidence the lived experiences of people living in poverty and create alternatives. We launched on July 2012 with our report on the riots in Manchester and Salford following work with the Guardian and London School of Economics and have since developed activity working across different sectors of society in a way that is consistent with our founding principles.