Current Projects

Here you will find a brief summary of our current projects.

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Public and Voluntary Sector Leadership & Management course for refugees

The course is being delivered by SARF and is running from September 2013 through to March 2014.  The course provides targeted support both for current Refugee Action staff from a refugee background and other refugees from outside the organisation living in the local area.


Sustainable Urban Development

The Social Action & Research Foundation (SARF) has been working with the Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures (SURF) at the University of Salford Manchester and the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub on a project that explores how public knowledge can be more successfully absorbed into the policy-making process.


Democratic Accountability in Open Public Services

Looking at solving the problem of the lack of democratic accountability within the provision of public services using Manchester as a case study.


Researching White Working Class Communities

The Social Action & Research Foundation will deliver the Open Society Foundation’s ‘At Home in Europe Project’ over the coming months.


Manchester Creative Studio

Manchester Creative Studio is a new employer led school preparing young people aged 14-19 for a career in the creative industries.